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Subrosan Episode One Auditions Underway

Casting is now underway for several roles on Subrosan Episode One. The casting department is seeing lots of talent for the two-day round of auditions. With a beautiful view of New Orleans, overlooking the Superdome, over seventy actors have been pared down to only 20 readings. The results of these sessions will be published next…

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Tim Wright Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Subrosan Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the casting of Louisiana actor Tim Wright to the role of Father Mannis in the debut season of Subrosan. Tim has the experience we were looking for to play the role of Fr. Mannis. Good guy bad guy or opportunist, he can play them all and will bring…

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Matthew Talbot Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Matthew Talbot is Miguel

The producers of Subrosan are thrilled to announce that Matthew Talbot has been cast in the role of Miguel for the debut season. The complex role of Miguel requires physical gifts as well as strong acting skills. We feel Matt will deliver the goods as both an actor and as an impossibly cruel enforcer. We…

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Casting Call for Subrosan Episode One

The Subrosan Entertainment Group is now casting the following parts for Episode One of Subrosan the Series. We are a group of actors, writers and creative production folks are who putting together our own dramatic series written and produced in Louisiana. Shooting for Episode One begins in August-September. Locations are in New Orleans and Baton…

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Zack Payne Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Zack Payne

Another talented Louisiana actor has joined the cast of Subrosan for the debut season. Zack Payne has been cast to play the role of Zach St. Germaine, the male romantic interest of Clair Elbertson (played by Briana Drescher). We’re looking forward to working with Zack. He’s a versatile, unpredictable actor who makes great choices with…

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Briana Drescher Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Briana Drescher

Another talented Louisiana Actor joins the cast of Subrosan this week. We’re pleased to announce the casting of Briana Drescher in the role of Clair Elbertson. Briana is constructing a wickedly terse Clair that immediately got our attention. Her ability to go from sweetheart to bitch in 4.5 seconds will resonate with viewers. We expect…

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Teresa Alvarez Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Teresa Alvarez

Teresa Alvarez, a native of Mexico now residing in the United States has been cast in the role of Jovita Soledad for the debut season of Subrosan: the series. Teresa is a remarkable and passionate actor who will realize the multi-layered  part of Jovita with conviction. In real life Teresa is just as vivacious and…

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Marlen Joana Lagorio Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Marlen Joana Lagorio as Marta

We’re proud to announce the selection of Marlen Joana Lagorio to play the role of Marta on Subrosan in the debut season. Marlen is a wonderful and passionate actor we feel will perfectly capture the vulnerability of the Marta character. A native of Colombia, Marlen Joana Lagorio brings authentic depth to a critical role and…

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Jerry Lopez Jr Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Jerry Lopez Jr

We are thrilled to announce that Jerry Lopez Jr. a Louisiana native, has been cast to play the part of Ray Roche’ in Subrosan. Jerry is a gifted actor that will bring deep characterization to the part of Roche, who walks a tightrope of intrigue and temptation, while battling his own personal demons. Learn more…

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Subrosan Week One in review

Well folks it has now been one full week since I sat down to begin writing a new script we could produce with a group of talented actors and creative professionals who decided to take their future into their own hands. As we look back on this week it seems to me that the Subrosan…

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