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Robert Hotalen Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Robert Hotalen has been cast in the role of Colonel Vance Baylot. Writer/Director, Dwayne Coots felt Robert was a perfect fit for the part of the Colonel.

The Colonel’s war chiseled face and hard eyes have seen the worst of this world. He has no mercy from the memories cast by decades of dirty deeds. There is nothing that will heal or hide the horrible ghosts of countless victims who dog his every step.

Watch for Robert Hotalen as the Colonel on the upcoming dark series Subrosan. Visit the official Subrosan website for more info.

Dee Guidry Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Dee Guidry has been cast in the role of CECILIA, socialite friend of the Senator’s wife, Peggy Elbertson played by Sharon Denise Talbot. Dee stunned us with her audition. From her dress to her demeanor,  she played the part flawlessly. On set, both actors  left us with the feeling they had been planning fundraisers together for years.

We hope to see more of Dee in the future. Learn more about the dark drama on our official Subrosan web site.

Dee Guidry

Clarice Jordan Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Clarice Jordan has been cast in the role of RIKKI, barmaid at Rita’s Tequila House.  Clarice’s performance at her audition showcased not only her ability to act but also her ability to put fellow actors and viewers at ease.

Just who is Rikki, and how does she fit in?  We look forward to watching her story unfold, and see what writer, Dwayne Coots has in store for her character. Stay Tuned.

Learn more at the official Subrosan Website, and stay tuned for the premiere in April 2012!

Scott Gotreaux Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Scott Gotreaux has been cast in the role of a courier in the debut episode of Subrosan, a dark adult thriller produced in Louisiana.

Scott captured the essence of the drug thug character and played it dead level which is what we were looking for. He took it outside the cliche and gave us something interesting to discover from a standard catalyst character.  Learn more at the official Subrosan Website, and tuned for the premiere in April 2012!


Brandon Lofton Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Brandon Lofton joins the cast of Subrosan as Randall Hebert AKA Bear. Brandon originally auditioned for a different role which he was not suitable for, but his performance was memorable. When writer Dwayne Coots created the character Bear, he knew Brandon was perfect for the role.  On set, Brandon settled into a comfortable camaraderie with Jerry Lopez, Jr. who plays  Ray Roche’.  Their friendly teasing  adds  a new comedic layer to the dark drama.

Learn more about Brandon Lofton on his feature page.

Brandon Lofton as Bear on Subrosan

Feature – Subrosan Producer Mark Talbot Interview

We sit down with Mark Talbot, one of the producers of Subrosan. He shares his impressions on the cast, the script, and the challenges of being both a principal actor and a producer. He also shares advice and encouragement to would-be independent filmmakers.

Subrosan is a dark adult thriller that premieres in Spring of 2012.  Visit the Official Subrosan website or the Subrosan Facebook Fan page for more news and features!


Feature – Director Q and A

Dwayne Coots, the writer and director of Subrosan, sits down in front of the camera to answer questions about the story and development of the adult series.

Subrosan is in production and slated for wide release in the spring of 2012. This short feature examines the historical underpinnings of sub rosa culture and gives insight into the legend of Annunaki alien visitation and involvement in human affairs that is the larger story behind the story of Subrosan.

Visit the Official Subrosan website or the Subrosan Facebook Fan page for more news and features!


Kimberly A Linger Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Kimberly A LingerKimberly A Linger has been cast in the role of April, Secretary to Senator Elbertson in Episode 2 of Subrosan.

About Kimberly A Linger

Born in Tucson, AZ  and raised mostly in southern Florida, Kim Linger had a love for performing right from the start. Kim was enrolled into gymnastics at an early age, spent hours swimming and taught herself how to sing with the help of Disney movies and her mother.  Her high school career was peppered with modeling, color guard, acting and choir, in and out of South Broward High. After graduating, Kim moved to Tucson where she played the lead female role in “Sex & Violence: The Musical”, modeled for the University of Arizona & other private art schools, and became apart of the Dragoon Street Stunt Actors in Trail Dust Town. Later, Kim returned to south Florida where she picked up extra work on TV shows, roles in independent films, and music video work, as well as working behind the scenes. It has been a dream of Kim’s to live in New Orleans and that has finally come true. Since arriving, she has worked on “Ricochet” & “Wild Cards” and became a karaoke host, which feeds her need to sing on a stage. Kim hopes to spend the rest of her life entertaining & performing, which is when she is most happy.