Amy Wickenheiser Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Amy WickenheiserCanadian native and Louisiana resident Amy Wickenheiser has been cast in the role of Beth in the new dark adult series Subrosan.

This multi-talented actress and model brings her skill to bear on a complex catalyst role spanning several episodes n the debut season. “Not only did her look fit the role precisely”, producers said, “she also nailed the audition by pulling out the character and making perfect choices. We’re thrilled and certain that Amy will evolve the role beyond the script.”

Be sure to catch Amy and the rest of the cast of Subrosan. Filming is currently underway.



Amy Wickenheiser is a Canadian-born actress who has been in commercials, online skits, and short films such as The Red Hours and Based on Actual Events. She is also a spokesperson/personality for Amy’s has explored avenues available in modeling, but given the choice will choose acting every time!

Amy was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on October 13, 1986. She is the oldest of three. Amy moved to Louisiana in the fall of 2000. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2008 and has recently been accepted into the graduate program there.

Amy can be immediately recognized by her warm personality and clumsiness despite the nine years she was in dance. She is in love with acting and her dedication to the field is only outshined by her love and connections to her family and friends.