Bradford Hovsepian Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Bradford HovsepianBradford Hovsepian, a rising star in Louisiana film circles, has been cast in the role of Mime, in the debut season of Subrosan.

Bradford delivered an intense audition that could not ignored. We have big plans for him and for his character… nuff said!

Subrosan, a dark adult dramatic series targeted to the premium cable market is currently in production in Louisiana.

About Bradford Hovsepian

Considering himself an artist of all mediums, Bradford finally made the jump into the film industry in 2010. Although it took thirty years, he’s always had a passion for acting, as he believes we are all playing the roles we have chosen or accepted in life.

Much of his spare time involves researching hidden history, secret government operations, disinformation campaigns, ancient aliens, spirituality, and conscious progression.

As a civil rights activist, he believes ending all human suffering through means of technology, compassion, the  elimination of planned obsolescence and profit motive, and the liberation of information for  all of humanity should be our common goal.

“I could be the last humanist” -John Milton Devil’s  Advocate.

Peace, Love, Humanitarian Decisions