Brandon Lofton as Bear on Subrosan

Brandon Lofton Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Brandon Lofton joins the cast of Subrosan as Randall Hebert AKA Bear. Brandon originally auditioned for a different role which he was not suitable for, but his performance was memorable. When writer Dwayne Coots created the character Bear, he knew Brandon was perfect for the role.  On set, Brandon settled into a comfortable camaraderie with Jerry Lopez, Jr. who plays  Ray Roche’.  Their friendly teasing  adds  a new comedic layer to the dark drama.

Learn more about Brandon Lofton on his feature page.

Brandon Lofton as Bear on Subrosan

3 thoughts on “Brandon Lofton Joins the Cast of Subrosan”

  1. Congratulations Bro! I know you have worked hard and it is paying off. I’m glad to see that you are making it. Hope it takes off and we see you on the “Red Carpet”! Take care Cuz!


  2. good job subrosan crew….brandon you did a good job on your part…..keep up the good work…..the more you do it the better you get…..

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