Chip Carriere Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Chip CarriereSubrosan Entertainment is pleased to announce that Chip Carriere, a Louisiana native, has been cast in the role of Gallery Owner, Anton Merkopolis in the debut season of Subrosan.

Chip has a remarkable presence and delivery that we know will captivate viewers. He is also a dedicated character actor so bringing Anton to life will be his top priority. We trust Chip to play the nuance of this complex supporting character perfectly.

Subrosan, the dark adult dramatic series begins filming in August 2011.

About Chip Carriere

A lifelong resident of south Louisiana, Chip Carriere was born August 22, 1961 in Lafayette, Louisiana. As a child and young adult, Chip spent countless hours prowling the Atchafalaya Basin developing a love for his home state. This self-described jack of all trades, master of some, is father of two sons and currently resides in Mandeville, Louisiana with his wife, Andrea, and his two cats.

Chip entertained others from an early age and has always loved drama—the good kind. He started with his first ventriloquist dummy at age 7, and then began honing his talent in various plays and musicals throughout Acadiana. Chip credits his church for giving him an avenue to cultivate his singing and acting talents while affording him an audience to flourish. In college, Chip began modeling (he had hair then) and further developed his skills by taking acting classes while majoring in business at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (just can’t get use to that U.L.L. thing). After college, Chip put his pursuit of acting on hold and spent the next 23 years in business. At the age of 49, Chip returned to his true love of entertaining others and at his wife’s urging, pursuing the dream of which he had lost touch. In an effort to transition to film, Chip quickly started with background work in 21 Jump Street, Fire with Fire, and Headshot.

This Ragin’ Cajun enjoys playing diverse and sometimes quirky characters while drawing upon the experiences he has shared with the multitude of personalities he has met while living in such a melting pot of culture. To sum it up, Chip believes there is something humorous in every situation if you just look hard enough and make the adjustment and that displays his love for improvisation and humor.