Kimberly A Linger Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Kimberly A LingerKimberly A Linger has been cast in the role of April, Secretary to Senator Elbertson in Episode 2 of Subrosan.

About Kimberly A Linger

Born in Tucson, AZ  and raised mostly in southern Florida, Kim Linger had a love for performing right from the start. Kim was enrolled into gymnastics at an early age, spent hours swimming and taught herself how to sing with the help of Disney movies and her mother.  Her high school career was peppered with modeling, color guard, acting and choir, in and out of South Broward High. After graduating, Kim moved to Tucson where she played the lead female role in “Sex & Violence: The Musical”, modeled for the University of Arizona & other private art schools, and became apart of the Dragoon Street Stunt Actors in Trail Dust Town. Later, Kim returned to south Florida where she picked up extra work on TV shows, roles in independent films, and music video work, as well as working behind the scenes. It has been a dream of Kim’s to live in New Orleans and that has finally come true. Since arriving, she has worked on “Ricochet” & “Wild Cards” and became a karaoke host, which feeds her need to sing on a stage. Kim hopes to spend the rest of her life entertaining & performing, which is when she is most happy.