Teresa Alvarez

Teresa Alvarez Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Teresa Alvarez, a native of Mexico now residing in the United States has been cast in the role of Jovita Soledad for the debut season of Subrosan: the series.

Teresa is a remarkable and passionate actor who will realize the multi-layered  part of Jovita with conviction. In real life Teresa is just as vivacious and charismatic as her on screen character. We thrilled to have her top-notch technical acting skill brought to bear on this critical role.

Learn more about Teresa Alvarez on her feature page.

Teresa Alvarez

30 thoughts on “Teresa Alvarez Joins the Cast of Subrosan”

  1. I have been working with Teresa on her acting for quite awhile and she has got what it takes to make it in this Industry.She has the ability to pull off the complex character Jovita whom has a multifaceted complex vivacious!!! personality as well as just being plain SEXY.

  2. Hey Teresa i know this is going to be a great series and with you being the character Jovita will make it a must see series.The best of luck girl.

  3. Teresa, I am so proud of you. You have come so far with you’re acting career and you truly are a star. I know you will do great with your new role in Jovita. ……kick ass!!!!

    1. Issac, thanks you for your kind words, they are very special to me. I will keep you updated on when the first episode will start.
      Again, thank’s

    1. That is so nice Elishia, your compliments hit home and they make me feel special, I will keep you updated when the first episode is debuting.

      Again, thank you so much and god bless.


  4. Teresa, that picture of you in the business suit is so amazing. You look like a queen of industry. I can’t wait to see your performance in Subrosan. I know it will be thrilling and lots of fun!!!

    1. You have been god sent to me and words can not explain how I have blossom in the past few years under your guidance, you are definitely the best acting coach in Louisiana and my best friend.

      Thank you Veleka

  5. Dearest Teresa, I am very proud of you. You are such a beautiful and talented person. I promise, that when you are a big star, I will not give any “Tell All’ interviews to the press, no matter what they offer me. Te quiero mucho, tu Mamâ

  6. im sooooo proud of you teresa!! i love you soo much and i hope you flourish and blossom in your career as an actress. i dont have to hope, because i know you will. your so independent and strong willed. good luck

    love you,

    1. Thank you Caitlyn, you are so much like me and I to love your independence and strong will, you are going to be a wonderful doctor. I love you baby Mom

  7. Teresa, me da una gran emocion volverte a ver despues de tanto tiempo, saber que eres una gran actriz y que eres feliz, ¿Como me puedo comunicar contigo? H. Lira Mex.

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