Zack Payne Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Another talented Louisiana actor has joined the cast of Subrosan for the debut season.

Zack Payne has been cast to play the role of Zach St. Germaine, the male romantic interest of Clair Elbertson (played by Briana Drescher).

We’re looking forward to working with Zack. He’s a versatile, unpredictable actor who makes great choices with his delivery. He’s a natural for the Zach character because of his broad range – and the role will require everything he has to give as an actor. It’s going to be a wild ride for both Zach and Zack!

Learn more about Zack Payne and his role on his feature page.

Join us for the debut season of Subrosan. Filming begins in August of 2011.

Zack Payne