Matthew Talbot

Matthew TalbotMIGUEL played by Matthew Talbot

Miguel is a programmed enforcer.

He’s thralled to the Mayan faction and takes orders – no questions, no memories, no guilt to bother him.

He knows all the secrets, but no one knows his… If the truth comes out no one survives.

Does he have a weakness? You bet. Just like him, it’s hidden in plain site.

How does a merciless killer spend his free time?

Can his loving sister forgive him and help him escape from the factions?

Or is it all just the sad little dream of two desperate people?



Matthew Talbot is a man of many hats and looking to Matthew Talbot is Migueladd a few more to his collection. This former football and golf player as well as a soccer standout is a recent graduate of Iowa High School and will be attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the fall in Pre-Pharmacy.

Matt already holds his certification as a Pharmacy Tech and is in the Honors program at ULL. He will be pursuing a business degree before finishing up his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Following his parents to New Orleans after graduation Matt has discovered the film industry in what is now known as Hollywood South.

Always looking for the next challenge, his new goal is to make the leap from background and stand-in to serious acting. Matt is very social and outgoing and thrives on the energy of being on set. While school comes first and he is not looking to be famous, when he looks back on his life he wants to be able to say “I did what I set out to do.”