Tim Wright

Tim WrightFATHER MANNIS played by Tim Wright

Smooth and charming, Mannis has all the answers.

Maybe it’s the training, but something about his manner puts people at ease.

It’s also a bit unnerving – he’s always at the right place, the right time…

Who is Mannis? Is he just a cultured wiz kid with a stack of degrees?

How did he get tangled up with Zach and Clair?

Whose side is he on?


Tim Wright is the oldest of 4 siblings and son to Thomas and Sherry Wright. He is also the oldest of 11 grandchildren who belong to his grandparents: Darrel and Carolyn Wright. Tim has always loved his family and has even researched the genealogy of the Wrights. He traced them back to Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, England, and found the Wright family crest which states: Conscia Recti. This translated to “A Conscience Void Of Guilt.” Tim has always kept this family motto as a personal motto for himself as a helpful guide in life. He holds his heritage and family in high respects.

Born in Lafayette, LA, Tim attended Westminster Christian Academy where he played football, ran track, played on the drumline, served on the missions team, and was in the art club. After high school, he went to U.L.L. and earned a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and minored in Psychology. Tim shortly thereafter pursued the profession of physical therapy and attended Our Lady of the Lake College In Baton Rouge, LA, for a degree in Physical Therapy Assisting. He never thought about acting until he took a few acting classes just for fun. That’s one special trait about Tim: if something catches his interest…he goes for it. Just a few skills Tim has picked up are: fencing, kung fu, horseback riding, electric guitar, salsa dancing, skimboarding, and rock climbing. If there is one thing that Tim is involved with, it’s the great outdoors. From as far as he could remember, his dad was taking little Timmy out into the wilderness…teaching him how to hunt, fish, how to stalk game, and all around wilderness survival. Tim still retains all of this knowledge and has done many adventures from backpacking, whitewater rafting, cave spelunking, and longbow archery — a skill he has been practicing for about 12 years! Tim seldom passes up an adventure.

On the flip side to this “Indiana Jones Jr.” is a major nerd. He has studied all of JRR Tolkiens’s literature on the fantasy realm of Middle Earth. In addition to playing around with various accents of the peoples of the world, Tim enjoys reading books on ancient history, myth in history, and various novels such as Sherlock Holmes and Dracula. He has also has embarked on a few artifact hunting adventures and has built himself a little collection of Indian and European artifacts. As Tim always says, “Hey, everyone’s got to be a nerd about something.”

Tim now lives with his wife in Baton Rouge. He is pursuing acting as a career and dreams about performing in action/ adventure movies such as The Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Indiana Jones, and Braveheart. Tim gives his thanks and credit for where he is to God, his employers, and the endless support provided by his wife, family, and friends.