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Bradford Hovsepian Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Bradford HovsepianBradford Hovsepian, a rising star in Louisiana film circles, has been cast in the role of Mime, in the debut season of Subrosan.

Bradford delivered an intense audition that could not ignored. We have big plans for him and for his character… nuff said!

Subrosan, a dark adult dramatic series targeted to the premium cable market is currently in production in Louisiana.

About Bradford Hovsepian

Considering himself an artist of all mediums, Bradford finally made the jump into the film industry in 2010. Although it took thirty years, he’s always had a passion for acting, as he believes we are all playing the roles we have chosen or accepted in life.

Much of his spare time involves researching hidden history, secret government operations, disinformation campaigns, ancient aliens, spirituality, and conscious progression.

As a civil rights activist, he believes ending all human suffering through means of technology, compassion, the  elimination of planned obsolescence and profit motive, and the liberation of information for  all of humanity should be our common goal.

“I could be the last humanist” -John Milton Devil’s  Advocate.

Peace, Love, Humanitarian Decisions

Brian Picou Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Brian PicouBrian Picou, a Louisiana Actor has joined the cast of Subrosan for the debut episode.

Brian will play the role of a Tourist in Jackson Square in one of the very first scenes of the show.

We just loved Brian’s vibe and intensity at auditions. He’s a powerful actor with a great look.


Brian Picou, born Brian Steven Picou on September 24, 1971, is the younger child of Lee Jr and Dianne Picou of New Orleans, Louisiana. His maternal grandparents are Antonio and Anna Bologna. His paternal grandparents are Lee Sr and Catherine Picou, also of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Brian attended The Saint Peter’s School and The Saint Paul’s School to earn his Roman Catholic education. There he lettered in varsity football, track and field, peer ministry and served as one of two senior campus ministers. After high school, he went to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in cardiac physiology. Although his best friends from high school went on to study acting in college and perform in New Orleans and off-Broadway in New York City, Brian never saw himself in the film industry.

However, while pursuing a career in health and fitness after LSU, appearing on local TV and talk radio to discuss wellness topics of the day became the fun lagniappe to the medical industry. Running marathons in Honolulu, Hawaii and Dublin, Ireland while raising donations for the Arthritis Foundation as well as appearing on the Discovery Health Network to help motivate others to reduce their cardiovascular risk became its own brand of theater.

He also went on to develop and build the $14 million-dollar (Enlightened Fitness and Wellness, Inc) facility on 40 acres of land in Biloxi, Mississippi shortly after Hurricane Katrina utterly destroyed the Gulf Coast. It was with the intention to enlighten the populations of Mississippi, who suffer more than anywhere else in the US, to overcome the psychological and financial toils of sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and heart disease.

Brian now lives with his wife and two children in his hometown of Covington, Louisiana. He has pursued acting in over two dozen films, television series, and commercials and hopes to be a part of the wonderful surge known as “Hollywood South” — that nickname of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, has turned our somber hymned procession into a true second line dance.

Amy Wickenheiser Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Amy WickenheiserCanadian native and Louisiana resident Amy Wickenheiser has been cast in the role of Beth in the new dark adult series Subrosan.

This multi-talented actress and model brings her skill to bear on a complex catalyst role spanning several episodes n the debut season. “Not only did her look fit the role precisely”, producers said, “she also nailed the audition by pulling out the character and making perfect choices. We’re thrilled and certain that Amy will evolve the role beyond the script.”

Be sure to catch Amy and the rest of the cast of Subrosan. Filming is currently underway.



Amy Wickenheiser is a Canadian-born actress who has been in commercials, online skits, and short films such as The Red Hours and Based on Actual Events. She is also a spokesperson/personality for Killerfilm.com. Amy’s has explored avenues available in modeling, but given the choice will choose acting every time!

Amy was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on October 13, 1986. She is the oldest of three. Amy moved to Louisiana in the fall of 2000. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2008 and has recently been accepted into the graduate program there.

Amy can be immediately recognized by her warm personality and clumsiness despite the nine years she was in dance. She is in love with acting and her dedication to the field is only outshined by her love and connections to her family and friends.

Chip Carriere Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Chip CarriereSubrosan Entertainment is pleased to announce that Chip Carriere, a Louisiana native, has been cast in the role of Gallery Owner, Anton Merkopolis in the debut season of Subrosan.

Chip has a remarkable presence and delivery that we know will captivate viewers. He is also a dedicated character actor so bringing Anton to life will be his top priority. We trust Chip to play the nuance of this complex supporting character perfectly.

Subrosan, the dark adult dramatic series begins filming in August 2011.

About Chip Carriere

A lifelong resident of south Louisiana, Chip Carriere was born August 22, 1961 in Lafayette, Louisiana. As a child and young adult, Chip spent countless hours prowling the Atchafalaya Basin developing a love for his home state. This self-described jack of all trades, master of some, is father of two sons and currently resides in Mandeville, Louisiana with his wife, Andrea, and his two cats.

Chip entertained others from an early age and has always loved drama—the good kind. He started with his first ventriloquist dummy at age 7, and then began honing his talent in various plays and musicals throughout Acadiana. Chip credits his church for giving him an avenue to cultivate his singing and acting talents while affording him an audience to flourish. In college, Chip began modeling (he had hair then) and further developed his skills by taking acting classes while majoring in business at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (just can’t get use to that U.L.L. thing). After college, Chip put his pursuit of acting on hold and spent the next 23 years in business. At the age of 49, Chip returned to his true love of entertaining others and at his wife’s urging, pursuing the dream of which he had lost touch. In an effort to transition to film, Chip quickly started with background work in 21 Jump Street, Fire with Fire, and Headshot.

This Ragin’ Cajun enjoys playing diverse and sometimes quirky characters while drawing upon the experiences he has shared with the multitude of personalities he has met while living in such a melting pot of culture. To sum it up, Chip believes there is something humorous in every situation if you just look hard enough and make the adjustment and that displays his love for improvisation and humor.


Melena Star is Cast in Debut Episode of Subrosan

Melena StarMelena Star has been selected to play the role of Card Reader in the debut episode of Subrosan the series.

Melena resides in Louisiana and is a native of Texas. Her diverse life experiences and her dedication to the craft of acting provided the magic she needed to land the part.

The producers instantly knew the part was perfect for Melena. Flashing danger and vulnerability in equal measure during auditions — she meshed with the character sketch of the Card Reader effortlessly. “We had to have her for this role“.


Born Sheila Montez on August 3, 1969, in Galveston, Texas, Melena Star, also known as Michelle Torres dramatic life began quietly in a small Texas town. Her life started out difficult and she was adopted at the age of four. She grew up in the small town of Uvalde in West Texas. In her early years she was involved in different activities at school and in her community. Star took part in a few school plays, choir, 4H, and was involved in band and played trombone in her Jr. High and High School years.

However, there wasn’t anything that really kept her attention for very long. Not content with small-town life, Star moved to San Antonio Texas and always dreamed of bigger and better things.

Melena Star worked numerous jobs including waitressing and later becoming assistant manager at a health Club. While working at a health club in San Antonio, Star met a Scandinavian businessman, got married, had her first son and moved to Europe. This would be her first of three abusive marriages and travels to three different countries, before settling back in the United States.

Star was restless and having wasted so many of her years in a troublesome childhood and failed marriages, she finally made a choice to enroll in college in 2007 in Mississippi. Her goal was to make a better life for herself and her three children. She took many classes, at first concentrating on Medical Transcription.

However, as luck would have it, Melena Star was given a chance to work as a background actress in the neighboring state of Louisiana. New Orleans was becoming the new “Hollywood South” having a chance to reinvent herself after the tragic Hurricane Katrina in 2005. New Orleans would be the future shooting location of many new movies and a new era. Star also was introduced to Indies, or Independent Films. This would ignite her love for acting, and she enrolled in Theatre at her community college. Star had finally found what her niche in life was and would continue to be, even if it did take a little time getting there.


Tim Wright Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Subrosan Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the casting of Louisiana actor Tim Wright to the role of Father Mannis in the debut season of Subrosan.

Tim has the experience we were looking for to play the role of Fr. Mannis. Good guy bad guy or opportunist, he can play them all and will bring the goods to this critical supporting role.

Learn more about Tim Wright and his role on his feature page.

Subrosan: Be careful, the thorns are real.

Matthew Talbot Joins the Cast of Subrosan

The producers of Subrosan are thrilled to announce that Matthew Talbot has been cast in the role of Miguel for the debut season.

The complex role of Miguel requires physical gifts as well as strong acting skills. We feel Matt will deliver the goods as both an actor and as an impossibly cruel enforcer. We had some interesting meetings about the Miguel character – how do you cast a baby-faced murderer? When Matt stepped up for the role – taking on the language challenges and the complexities of his characters hopeless duality – we knew we had a winner.

You can learn more about Matthew Talbot and his role as Miguel on his feature page.

Join us for Subrosan. You’ll be changed forever.

Matthew Talbot is Miguel

Casting Call for Subrosan Episode One

The Subrosan Entertainment Group is now casting the following parts for Episode One of Subrosan the Series. We are a group of actors, writers and creative production folks are who putting together our own dramatic series written and produced in Louisiana.

Shooting for Episode One begins in August-September. Locations are in New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. Since this is a super low budget project, compensation for these roles will be meals and credit only. They are all speaking roles (yes even the mime). You will receive meals and credit.

Typical middle aged yuppie tourist – arrogant Northerner. Demanding but very superstitious.

BETH (25-35)
Cute thirty-something single mom. Trainee in Private Investigative work. She is smart but gullible.

Anton: Accomplished 50’s gallery owner and benefactor of young male artists in New Orleans. He is robust and flamboyant.

A well worn busker in the French Quarter. Tarot card reader. Strong Creole features with street smart attitude.

MIME (20-50)
French Quarter mime. Can be male or female but looking for interesting style. Must be able to deliver lines while in mime character pose.

Auditions will be held in New Orleans on July 26th and 27th during business hours. Please send a headshot and resume (no matter how simple) to subrosan@rovin.net

We may also have a follow up audition in Baton Rouge if we can’t cast all parts from the Nola auditions.

Zack Payne Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Another talented Louisiana actor has joined the cast of Subrosan for the debut season.

Zack Payne has been cast to play the role of Zach St. Germaine, the male romantic interest of Clair Elbertson (played by Briana Drescher).

We’re looking forward to working with Zack. He’s a versatile, unpredictable actor who makes great choices with his delivery. He’s a natural for the Zach character because of his broad range – and the role will require everything he has to give as an actor. It’s going to be a wild ride for both Zach and Zack!

Learn more about Zack Payne and his role on his feature page.

Join us for the debut season of Subrosan. Filming begins in August of 2011.

Zack Payne

Marlen Joana Lagorio Joins the Cast of Subrosan

We’re proud to announce the selection of Marlen Joana Lagorio to play the role of Marta on Subrosan in the debut season.

Marlen is a wonderful and passionate actor we feel will perfectly capture the vulnerability of the Marta character.

A native of Colombia, Marlen Joana Lagorio brings authentic depth to a critical role and adds tremendously to an already diverse and textured cast.

You can learn more about Marlen Joana Lagorio and Marta on her feature page.

Marlen Joana Lagorio as Marta