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Subrosan Episode One Auditions Underway

Casting is now underway for several roles on Subrosan Episode One.

The casting department is seeing lots of talent for the two-day round of auditions.

With a beautiful view of New Orleans, overlooking the Superdome, over seventy actors have been pared down to only 20 readings. The results of these sessions will be published next week.

We want to thank the audit team as well as the dedicated and talented actors who have given themselves over for consideration. It’s going to be a very difficult meeting  to decide the final cut.

Casting Call for Subrosan Episode One

The Subrosan Entertainment Group is now casting the following parts for Episode One of Subrosan the Series. We are a group of actors, writers and creative production folks are who putting together our own dramatic series written and produced in Louisiana.

Shooting for Episode One begins in August-September. Locations are in New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. Since this is a super low budget project, compensation for these roles will be meals and credit only. They are all speaking roles (yes even the mime). You will receive meals and credit.

Typical middle aged yuppie tourist – arrogant Northerner. Demanding but very superstitious.

BETH (25-35)
Cute thirty-something single mom. Trainee in Private Investigative work. She is smart but gullible.

Anton: Accomplished 50’s gallery owner and benefactor of young male artists in New Orleans. He is robust and flamboyant.

A well worn busker in the French Quarter. Tarot card reader. Strong Creole features with street smart attitude.

MIME (20-50)
French Quarter mime. Can be male or female but looking for interesting style. Must be able to deliver lines while in mime character pose.

Auditions will be held in New Orleans on July 26th and 27th during business hours. Please send a headshot and resume (no matter how simple) to subrosan@rovin.net

We may also have a follow up audition in Baton Rouge if we can’t cast all parts from the Nola auditions.

Marlen Joana Lagorio Joins the Cast of Subrosan

We’re proud to announce the selection of Marlen Joana Lagorio to play the role of Marta on Subrosan in the debut season.

Marlen is a wonderful and passionate actor we feel will perfectly capture the vulnerability of the Marta character.

A native of Colombia, Marlen Joana Lagorio brings authentic depth to a critical role and adds tremendously to an already diverse and textured cast.

You can learn more about Marlen Joana Lagorio and Marta on her feature page.

Marlen Joana Lagorio as Marta

Subrosan Week One in review

Well folks it has now been one full week since I sat down to begin writing a new script we could produce with a group of talented actors and creative professionals who decided to take their future into their own hands.

As we look back on this week it seems to me that the Subrosan Entertainment project is becoming something we will all be very proud of one day soon. I want to thank each and every one of the team members for believing in the concept and for giving their talent and creative essence to the Subrosan tapestry.

So let’s take a look at where we are in this first week.

We have a complex story,  platform, history, and character tapestry to build on.

We have 17  involved and engaged team members who are developing rich, vibrant characters to realize on screen.

We have nearly all principle roles and and most supporting roles cast.

We have a script super, a music super, and a management company in place.

We have 34 fans who are ready to watch and help us grow.

We have the official Subrosan website, developed and connected to social media channels.

We have a complete first episode (S1:E1) script ready for production.

Not too shabby for week one eh?

Join us. Spread the word. Help us win Fans and Followers as we begin Week Two…

Thanks for living the dream with us.