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Subrosan – Web Series Episode 2 – Cremation of Care

Subrosan — Episode 2 — Official Site: http://subrosan.com
Original Dramatic Series with a large ensemble cast filmed entirely in Louisiana.
WARNING: Adult Themes and Language
Cremation of Care

— In this episode Roche heads out on his next case — he’s shadowing Senator Leonard Elbertson who is catting around in the French Quarter.
— The Star Mistress Ichelle Estrella confronts Jovita Soledad at an art gallery, delivering a less-than-subtle threat.
— Suspecting Roche ripped her off, Clair Elbertson complains to her boyfriend Zach St. Germaine.
— Marta makes a confession to Father Owen, and gets muscled out of her Tarot card reader spot in Jackson Square.
— Roche gets more than he bargained for from a clever redhead.

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Note: This special Youtube version has been edited for content but does contain strong language and violence.

Teresa Alvarez Interview for Subrosan

Subrosan Actor Teresa Alvarez answers a few questions about Subrosan and her character Jovita Soledad.  Find out more about Teresa and her character on her cast member  page. http://subrosan.com/cast/teresa-alvarez/

Subrosan is Written and Directed by Dwayne Coots.

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