Briana Drescher

Briana DrescherCLAIR ELBERTSON played by Briana Drescher

Spoiled and demanding, Clair is a society hottie that gets her way.

An expert sweet talker and street talker; she’s willing to step on your face if she needs to…

The only thing she loves more than herself is her way of life. She’s not going to let anyone or anything ruin her place in the social clique.

She suspects daddy is doing something that could ruin the family, and hires a low-life P.I. to get to the bottom of it.

When the scandal starts to snowball, she turns to her family priest for help.

Has she told one too many people?


Briana Leigh Drescher is a Louisiana native and the youngest in her family. She has loved the performing arts ever since she was a child.

She began dancing at age 3 and has studied at Briana Drescher as Clair numerous studios including Dancers Workshop and the Broadway Dance Center. Her first experience in performing came when she was cast in the Baton Rouge Ballet Theater’s production of The Nutcracker.

While studying dance Briana began studying classical music. She has studied classical music since the 4th grade when she began piano lessons. She went on to take voice lessons for 5 years and played clarinet in middle school, high school and one semester at LSU. Her greatest musical accomplishment to date was playing clarinet in Carnegie Hall at 16 with the St. Amant High School Wind Symphony.

As a child she attended Playmaker’s summer camps and continued taking classes at Baton Rouge Little Theater through high school. At LSU she has taken numerous theater classes to keep up with her craft and is now studying audition techniques with Christian Stokes.

She transitioned from theater into film in 2008 when she saw the opportunities arising in Louisiana. Since then she has done background work in movies such as 21 Jump Street, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and So Undercover as well as in TV shows such as Memphis Beat and Hound Dawgs. She recently landed a speaking part in the independent film Sweet Kandy directed by Nick Peate.