Marlen Joana Lagorio

Marlen Joana Lagorio as MartaMARTA player by Marlen Joana Lagorio

Marta works the busker walk as a Tarot Card reader in Jackson Square.

Shy, sad, and painfully beautiful; she hides a deadly secret.

Not even her beloved Priest, Father Owen, knows the pain she carries.

Trapped in the cusp of Subrosan culture, she is a precious flower no man dare touch.

Can she bear the crushing weight of her memories?

Will Marta rip the Mayan faction apart?


Marlen Joana Lagorio is as beautiful and passionate Marlen Joana Lagorio as Martaas her Colombian homeland.

She has dreamed of being an actor since childhood and studied acting, dance and performance art in Cali Colombia before moving to the United States in 2009 to pursue an acting career.

Marlen has worked with the Piel Canela musical group in Colombia, and trained as an actor at the Naar Landaeta Academy in Cali, Colombia.

She is currently studying advanced acting technique with world famous acting coach and TV star Veleka Gray and is a member of the Acting Alliance.

Marlen enjoys Latin dancing, rollerblading, sky-diving, swimming, and riding motorcycles. She is married to a wonderful husband who supports her acting career. Her goal is to be a recognized professional actress.