Teresa Alvarez

Teresa AlvarezJOVITA SOLEDAD played by Teresa Alvarez

Busy body socialite by day; tough and sexy mistress of the Retreat by night.

Jovita knows where all the bodies are buried – in fact she dug a few of the graves.

Hard nosed and fierce, she oversees Mayan interests in the Atlantis region.

….and the Senator is her responsibility.

Can she keep it together and hold the Akhenaten faction at bay?

Who lives and who dies in the forbidden realms controlled by her Subrosan masters?

Will she need to break out the shovel again in Season One?

Stay tuned…



Born Maria Teresa Alvarez O’Connell in Mexico City, Teresa Alvarez as Jovita Soledadshe moved, with her family, to the United States. Once here, she developed an instantaneous love for the people and the culture.

Maria Teresa’s dedication to pursuing an acting career is only surpassed by the value she has placed on having raised three children and her close ties with family and friends.

For almost two years Teresa has been studying under the guidance of acting coach, and nationally known actress, Veleka  Gray, confident that no matter where her journey might lead her, her family will be there every step of the way.

Some of Teresa’s work includes: Substance, where she played a good looking, drug dealing women; Mrs. Moore, the Reverend’s wife, in Brian Keene’s Ghoul , a made for TV movie; and this fall she will start filming the role of Ana, a small town woman, in Rugaru, a feature film about horror in the bayou, due out in 2012.

Some of Teresa’s favorite passtimes are working in her yard; pilate classes, dancing Tango and riding her Harley Davidson.