Tina Rubin

Tina Rubin ICHELLE ESTRELLA played by Tina Rubin

Ichelle has no time for social games and little mercy for fools.

Her memories stretch back to those times when mortals knew their place. To her, there is nothing more vulgar than the roiling guffaws of an ape-spawn.

Don’t try her patience.

Further inflamed by the recent loss of her beloved Kan, the Star of Maya is on the hunt. No one – profane or adept – is safe should her gaze turn to embrace…

Will she find her lover and free him? Will she rend the fabric to do it? Will she raze the Mayan consulate?

When the dust settles on her carnage; will Akhenaten seize the field?



I was born in Biloxi, MS. and after 2 years of college, moved to Orlando, Fl. where I bartended, managed a huge sports bar and modeled for a surf company, where I had an opportunity to travel on a national ski tour. I then went back to school and got my licenses in cosmetology and then permanent make-up. I came to New Orleans for a visit, where I met my Tina Rubin playes Ichelle Estrella on Subrosanhusband. My husband is a musician and travels alot, so he didn’t want me to work, just hang out and travel with him when I want. This allows me the opportunity to pursue acting, which I truly love, because I get bored doing the same thing after a while, so taking on different characters is perfect for me.

I spent alot of time traveling with my husband and started studying acting about 2 yrs ago. I’ve studied with Lance Nichols and Veleka Gray. Since then, I’ve done a music video, 6 short films, 3 commercials and I’m currently working on a feature film as the female lead (Elaine) in Ring Of Darkness for tv. Also, I’m excited to be cast on the series, Subrosan and hopefully I’ll be filming another feature film in the fall as the lead Maria in, The 11:11 Phenomenon with Steven Scaffidi and last but not least the feature film Forgotten Spies, with Rory White and Randall Nall, as (Roselyn) the mob boss’s mistress.

My favorite passtime is, listening to live music, long luncheons with my friends and renting movies, along with sushi and wine, but above all that FOOTBALL!!!

Things that I like to do, but don’t get to do often enough: Water sports, throw darts and play pool !!!