Brandon Lofton

BEAR played by Brandon Lofton

Nobody calls Randall Hebert ‘Teddy Bear’ to his face.

Bear is a washed out ex-cop who’s dancing on the dark side these days, working collections for the infamous River Crew.

Too bad he went too far on one of his collections. Couldn’t even get that right.

He’ll always be on the outside looking in.

Bear and Ray Roche go way back. They depend on each other when the shit gets thick.

They’re both fighting the same battle… see you at the meeting.



Brandon Lofton is a dedicated chatacter actor that enjoys honing his craft with ongoing study. He attends acting classes and has attended ITS in Miami, Fl.

By day Brandon lives in the gulf coast paradise of  Grand Isle Louisiana and works in the oil industry. He also enjoys police work — training and patrol cruising with his K9 partner.

Brandon is a physical entertainer. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is working on mastering Bujinkan (the art of the Ninja).

In front of the camera, Brandon has wrapped a speaking roll on Social Vigilanties, as well as a supporting roll on an untitled film currently in post production.

Always fun on set, Brandon is comfortable with both comedic and dramatic roles. He joins the cast of Subrosan for the debut season in 2012.