Del Verdun

RYAN played by Del Verdun

Ryan is grounded in service to the plumed serpent and steeped in Faction intrigue.

Armed with a winning smile and an average Joe manner, he plays the odds while handling the business end of the ancient Mayan empire.

Oh yes, he is not amused by the current state of the fabric.

He longs for the easy life of the faction keep.

But his luck ran dry. Now it’s time to get his hands wet.

…with blood.

About Del Verdun

Del Verdun is a native of New Orleans, La and the middle of 3 siblings.  From childhood through early adulthood, he was involved in social events such as debuting as duke for a local daycare; various roles in elementary school plays; sport karate competitions, where he holds city, state, regional, national, and international titles; and modeling.  In recent years, Del has been on and around television and movie sets in the capacities of security and background.  These include:  The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, reporter; Treme (Season 1), restaurant patron and security; The Green Lantern, security; Memphis Beat, neighborhood onlooker; Headshot, coroner; Parker, state fair-goer; and Paperboy, security.

Aside from his passion for acting and modeling, Del is a graduate of McDonogh 35 Senior High School, United States Marine, sales professional, and single father.  He greatly respects family, others that do the same, and is affable, charismatic and kind.  Peripherally, Del enjoys perpetual progression in martial arts, meditating, reading, fishing, cooking, mixology, and a plethora of other activities.