Joshua Dawes

Josh DawesREED played by Joshua Dawes

Sexy, dashing and totally together, Reed organizes Jovita’s affairs (business and personal).

His sharp and viciously dry observations betray a deep understanding of Faction interests.

Part bodyguard and part assistant he is always ready for any situation; a formal affair or dirty work.

What is hiding behind those placid brown eyes and winning smile?

What thralls him to the Mayans?

Is he all he appears to be?

Watch. Closely…



Joshua Ryan Dawes grew up in the heart of rural Indiana. Despite living in the city to pursue his love of acting, Joshua is still a country-boy at heart. Some of his favorite pastimes include hiking, rock climbing, and anything to do with the water. He is also an avid reader and an amateur photographer who enjoys taking pictures of his travels. Since deciding on a life in theatre, Joshua has performed in a number of theatres across the country. He has performed at a number of professional regional theatres in the United States and acted in international tours of Antigone and Godspell as well. Three years ago, he was selected as a member of the Resident Company of Swine Palace, Baton Rouge’s equity theatre, while he worked on his Master’s of Fine Arts in Acting at Louisiana State University. In the past 3 years, he has been seen in a number of Swine Palace productions, including King Lear (Edgar), Design for Living (Otto), The Royal Family (Perry), and Love’s Labours Lost (Dumaine).