Mark Talbot

mark talbotSenator Elbertson played by Mark Talbot

The honorable Leonard Elbertson is a complex gentleman.

He can go from glad-handing good-old-boy to ruthless power-player in a single glance.

He’s confident and connected – maybe a bit too connected for his public servant lifestyle.

But they don’t come more honest than old Lenny Elbertson: Star college wrestler, impeccable legal mind, steadfast Catholic lector and generous to a fault.

He’s also a loyal husband and father.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it ?

Go with that…



Though he could pass for Iranian or any number of other nationalities for that matter, Mark  Talbot is actually Iowaian. Coming for Iowa,  Louisiana he is a pure, Heinz 57 Cajun and as multi-talented as his heritage is diverse.

When Mark was in sixth grade, his Dad closed up his businesses in town and went to work  with an oilfield company. The mark talbot as senator elbertson in subrosanfamily moved to the Middle Eastern Emirate of Dubai. It was a different world in the ‘70’s with open air markets and none of the super modern structures we associate with Dubai today. With his dark curly hair and black eyes Mark blended right in. It was there that he first put his acting skill to use. By dressing and speaking as an Arab, he was able to buy goods at the local prices rather than the slightly elevated “American” prices.

Mark eventually made his way back to the U.S. and Iowa to finish his last two years of high school and get his business degree at McNeese State University. During that time he met and married his wife of thirty-one years, Sharon Denise Ardoin Talbot. He is the father of three children and grandfather of three grandchildren with another on the way. An avid student of Life, Mark embraces each new role that comes his way. Always ready to take on a challenge, his expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. By definition a true Renaissance man, Mark is not only a family man, coach, businessman, entrepreneur, Financial Consultant, musician, and artist he has now added actor/producer to his lengthy resume.