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Brandon Lofton Interview – Subrosan

Subrosan actor Brandon Lofton answers questions about himself and his supporting role as “Bear” in the mystery web series. Subrosan is written and directed by Dwayne Coots. For more info please visit our website: or our fanpage: Please Like and Share our Videos, and Subscribe to our channel! c. 2012 Subrosan Entertainment

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Scott Gotreaux Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Scott Gotreaux has been cast in the role of a courier in the debut episode of Subrosan, a dark adult thriller produced in Louisiana. Scott captured the essence of the drug thug character and played it dead level which is what we were looking for. He took it outside the cliche and gave us something…

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Brandon Lofton Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Brandon Lofton as Bear on Subrosan

Brandon Lofton joins the cast of Subrosan as Randall Hebert AKA Bear. Brandon originally auditioned for a different role which he was not suitable for, but his performance was memorable. When writer Dwayne Coots created the character Bear, he knew Brandon was perfect for the role.  On set, Brandon settled into a comfortable camaraderie with Jerry Lopez,…

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Tenaj L Jackson Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Tenaj L Jackson

Tenaj L. Jackson has been cast in the role of Voodoo Hooker in the premiere episode of Subrosan the dark dramatic thriller airing in the Spring of 2012. Tenaj delivered a great Voodoo Hooker at auditions and broke the whole room up with her style. She cute, funny, and extremely talented. Viewers will enjoy her…

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Bradford Hovsepian Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Bradford Hovsepian

Bradford Hovsepian, a rising star in Louisiana film circles, has been cast in the role of Mime, in the debut season of Subrosan. Bradford delivered an intense audition that could not ignored. We have big plans for him and for his character… nuff said! Subrosan, a dark adult dramatic series targeted to the premium cable…

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Brian Picou Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Brian Picou

Brian Picou, a Louisiana Actor has joined the cast of Subrosan for the debut episode. Brian will play the role of a Tourist in Jackson Square in one of the very first scenes of the show. We just loved Brian’s vibe and intensity at auditions. He’s a powerful actor with a great look. About BRIAN…

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Amy Wickenheiser Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Amy Wickenheiser

Canadian native and Louisiana resident Amy Wickenheiser has been cast in the role of Beth in the new dark adult series Subrosan. This multi-talented actress and model brings her skill to bear on a complex catalyst role spanning several episodes n the debut season. “Not only did her look fit the role precisely”, producers said,…

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Chip Carriere Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Chip Carriere

Subrosan Entertainment is pleased to announce that Chip Carriere, a Louisiana native, has been cast in the role of Gallery Owner, Anton Merkopolis in the debut season of Subrosan. Chip has a remarkable presence and delivery that we know will captivate viewers. He is also a dedicated character actor so bringing Anton to life will…

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Melena Star is Cast in Debut Episode of Subrosan

Melena Star

Melena Star has been selected to play the role of Card Reader in the debut episode of Subrosan the series. Melena resides in Louisiana and is a native of Texas. Her diverse life experiences and her dedication to the craft of acting provided the magic she needed to land the part. The producers instantly knew…

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Subrosan Episode One Auditions Underway

Casting is now underway for several roles on Subrosan Episode One. The casting department is seeing lots of talent for the two-day round of auditions. With a beautiful view of New Orleans, overlooking the Superdome, over seventy actors have been pared down to only 20 readings. The results of these sessions will be published next…

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