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Subrosan – Web Series – Episode 5 – This Side of the Barn is Red

Subrosan Episode 5 – This Side of the Barn is Red – Official Site: Original Dramatic Web Series with a large ensemble cast filmed entirely in Louisiana. Written and Directed by Dwayne Coots – WARNING: Adult Themes and Language In this episode: — Jovita Soledad holds court at the Retreat — Father Owen holds…

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Robert Hotalen Joins the Cast of Subrosan

Robert Hotalen has been cast in the role of Colonel Vance Baylot. Writer/Director, Dwayne Coots felt Robert was a perfect fit for the part of the Colonel. The Colonel’s war chiseled face and hard eyes have seen the worst of this world. He has no mercy from the memories cast by decades of dirty deeds. There is…

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